Sunday, August 31, 2008



D.K. Raed said...

OMG, OMG, EK & I just watched this with our mouths open. This has GOT to penetrate the MSM fuzz radar soon.

RobE said...

Hi again enigma. Hope you're doing well.

On the photo where Bristol looks 4-5 months pregnant (my former pediatric nurse mom made that estimate after viewing it), it said it was supposedly taken in 2006. Now doesn't that raise more questions> Like real grim ones?

Bristol would have been 14 at the time, she conceived to be that far along if it was indeed a 2006 photo.

Now either she was having sex in eighth or ninth grade or she was a victim of incest or rape. And what happened to that baby?

Also, what girl, for a photo that was going to go out into the media, would intentionally wear an outfit that makes her look pregnant unless she actually was? None. You're a woman. I'm sure you would agree.

That is why I find this new dating of the photo very suspicious. Also, if it was a 2006 photo, there would have been no need, theoretically, to withdraw it from the state website.

In addition, it appears Palin's doctor has backed off some of her earlier statements about approving the plane flight as more people started raising negligence and malpractice questions.

So while Daily Kos is now backing off this story after some pushback from some of the wingnut blogs, I am still not satisfied that there is nothing here. It will be up to the media to pursue this and fill the details in to give us a clearer picture since none of us have the access to do it ourselves.

Good luck and let's hope for the best for Bristol.