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THE MEETING 4.18.08 ( Was not the National Governor's Meeting like she said, but it is VERY Interesting)

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The following article referencing the forum was written April 9. Note among the governors are Palin (AK), Perry (TX), Pawlenty (MN ), Huntsman (UT), Jindal (LA), Gibbons (NV). All these people had been mentioned at one time or another for McCain veep.

it was linked in an article written today for

from that article is this interesting snip:

"What was she doing in Texas that was so important that she couldn’t leave, and that she didn’t want to highlight by giving birth in Texas?"

Reported to be a "forum on energy with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and executives from four other states", it took a little digging to find that this forum was a closed-door affair hosting a select group of nine Republican governors and such notable corporate energy VIPS (and polluters) as Greg Boyce, chairman and CEO of the Peabody Energy Corp.; John Hofmeister, president of Shell Oil; Robert A. Malone, chairman and president, BP America; Anthony Orlando, president and CEO, Covanta Energy Corp.; and John Somerhalder II, chairman and CEO, AGL Resources.

It is important, too, to understand that the host, Governor Rick Perry, is the governor neatly trained to take Bush's spot in the Texas Governor's mansion. Before that, Perry defeated Jim Hightower for Texas Agricultural Commissioner with the help of Karl Rove and his scurilous tactics.

Perry is also the father of Dick Cheney's son-in-law, the lawyer Phillip Perry, who has bounced back and forth for the last several years between lobbying for Lockheed Martin and working for the White House. His wife, Elizabeth Cheney, though a mother of five herself, is a hawk for attacking Iran and has worked in the Bush Cheney State Department.

So, while the pregnancy story does bring up questions about Sarah Palin's character and priorities, I still think the far more relevant information for voters is what was going on behind closed doors in Texas that day?

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Anonymous said...

I was pregnant when 15 and went to a home for unwed mothers named Edna Gladney is known for its confidentiality rules and they go to the extent of legally changing the mother's name while there and everything. the fact that Sarah Palin was in "Texas" I can guarantee you is because Bristol was at that home and if anyone at the Edna Gladney Home speaks (we affectionately called it the "Egg Home") they are liable for suit - and I am sure Mrs. Palin knew this when Bristol went in there. However, you can bet the truth is about to bust wide open. This will not stay undercover for long at all. I remember Edna Gladney used to boast how their confidentiality was so great that politicians, beauty queens, and even a very famous football coaches daughter had gone there -- so you can bet a huge coverup is indeed what is going on here, and THAT is why they were in Texas AT ALL during that time - not to give any speech. I am betting that their initial intention was to consider adoption, but that if the child was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, they possibly changed their mind to keep the baby or they at least went there for the confidentiality of it all so the Palin's could still live in Alaska and carry on with their duties. What a tragedy this is that they truly chose to cover it up by saying SHE HAD HER DAUGHTER'S BABY!!! HOW ATROCIOUS THIS IS!!! I AM SO OUTRAGED.